Hydrophobic leather and textiles

Ideal for protecting leather shoes, sports shoes, pumps, sofas, hats, tablecloths, t-shirts, coats, jackets, jeans …

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Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather is a waterproofing product that greatly facilitates the cleaning of your favorite items. With its hydrophobic effect, it repels all liquids. This innovative 100% French technology protects your textiles and leathers against stains.

Pr. Phobe Textiles and Leather is a product of several years of research and development.

The steps of a good application in video!

Pr. Phobe, the technology that protects your assets.

This week, you threw a shirt that was stained?

Better than the tricks of grandmothers and unlike cleaning products, detergents and stain removers that act once the spots have formed, Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather is the solution. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Applied upstream on a clean surface, Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather, thanks to its action and its thin protection against moisture, prevents liquids from penetrating deeply: the support is thus preserved from stains that could be irremediable .

With Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather, you could have protected your shirt and wear it today. A simple blow of cloth or damp sponge would have been enough to clean it.

No more stubborn stains! And no need to get rid of the beautiful objects you love so much. Pr. Phobe is the perfect long-term product for many usage.

The hydrophobic effect on a running shoe treated with Pr. Phobe

A single product to treat all your sports accessories in textile or leather!


ALWAYS DRY! All textile or leather substrates treated with Pr. Phobe become hydrophobic. Thanks to its exceptional characteristics, Pr. Phobe repels water. Your support remains permanently dry, because the water slides on the surface without leaving a trace. This is the famous Lotus effect, the name of this aquatic plant whose leaves bead the water without letting it penetrate.


  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Protects from stains
  • Multi-surface
  • Facilitates cleaning
  • Breathable
  • Colorless and invisible
  • Easy to apply
  • Dry to touch after 1H
  • Machine wash resistant


  • Protects from stains (tea, coffee, oil, wine …) on fabrics
  • Renovates and protects the leather
  • Do not change the color
  • Do not damage the support
  • Heat resistant up to 150 ° C
  • Long-lasting outfit

Pr. Phobe is the long-term protection: after an application, the support is protected for a long time. Which in the long run saves cleaning time and saves money!

You too, want to protect your favorite objects?

To apply like a pro, follow the guide!

In order to obtain an optimal effect on your textiles and leathers, it is important to follow step by step the application conditions of the product.

As a first step, protect the parts that should not be treated and perform a compatibility test on a hidden area between the product and the media to be treated during the application.

Then clean and dry the substrate to be treated.

The application, simple using the spray (on small textile surfaces and on all leather surfaces) or the compressor gun (on large textile surfaces), should be carried out outdoors or in a room well ventilated.

For best results, it is advisable to apply the product by dipping for t-shirts, shirts, tablecloths, etc.

Wait at least 1 hour after application to get a dry touch. The optimal properties of the product will be obtained after one week of drying.

Content of the package

A bottle of 100ml, a user manual

Place of manufacture

Made in France


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Acheté il y a 2 semaines. Le produit a mis longtemps à sécher mais mes boots lui disent merci !


5 5 1
Juste à tester car l'effet est vraiment bluffant! Merci. 😉
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